our mission

Seeking to educate, protect and promote children’s right through community sensitization on the importance of child education which helps to produce good future leaders.

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Who We are

Nuba child right is a charity alliance of Sudan based nonprofits and their African partners working to help children, families, and communities throughout Sudan.

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Help & support

An easy and safe way to donate to Aid for Sudan or one of our members is online by credit card.

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our programs

You may make a donation to Aid for Sudan child by check. If you wish to designate one or more member organizations

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We fight together

We are humans

WE care about others

We are humans

Our Causes

10$ / 500$


Empowers poor African children, women and families to escape poverty through community-based self-help programs that improve health, expand education, create businesses, and protect wildlife..
400$ / 700$


Builds and improves schools in Sudan serving children ages 5 to 21, 40% of whom are AIDS orphans. We work to get buildings built, provide emergency funds to help kids stay in school,and facilitate cultural exchanges/overseas travel.
400$ / 1000$


Helps African orphans and children living in extreme poverty lead healthier, more productive lives. Program priorities emphasize the education, well-being, and safety of young girls and the fight against female genital mutilation and childhood marriage..
400$ / 700$


Our members are involved in a wide range of activities that touch the lives Africans throughout the continent. Most member organizations work at the grassroots level, empowering people to build a better future for their children, families, and communities..

Our Sponsors